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Elf Scare is about physically shouting really loud at your iPhone in order to scare elves and get rid of your frustrations if you dare play the game.

The game is created by a group of Danish developers called Elf Like Teen Spirit

The plot: The Christmas elves have gone too far (into September, October and November), and now we need to get them out of our system before it’s actually Christmas. Elf Scare lets you shout them out together with any other frustration upholding you.

An elf walks across a bridge and you shout at him with all your might and power. When you shout, he stiffens, and if you shout long and hard enough, he falls off the bridge. Then, a new elf walks across the bridge, and you shout at him etc. If three elves manage to pass your scary shouting and cross the bridge, then you’re game over. Your performance is measured in High Elf Score.